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RIDGID is a famous American company known for producing powerful products. They produce both corded and cordless tools for lights, nailers, drills, compressors, and saws.

The RIDGID production and marketing of circular saws is an ever-progressing series of innovations and enthusiast features. Currently, production is many steps ahead of schedule, and rigid circular saws are being designed. Rigid circular saws are a significant addition to your power tools while working on a new project, whether it’s big or small. They also come in a variety of power, cut angle, dust bags, and cordless or corded alternatives.

RIDGID circular saw parts

One of the most important features of RIDGID’s cordless circular saw is the portability feature. And to make your work easier, it is compatible with their 18-volt lithium-ion battery packs. Keep in mind that the saw doesn’t come with a battery.

Dust collection

With a few adjustments to the dust collection, it can leave your workplace a little cleaner with less clutter. The tool comes with a dust bag to catch excess sawdust and keep things under control.      

Rigid octane circular review.

The rigid octane circular saw is the most common, most advanced, and most budget-free premium brand.

Cutting performance

Ridgid octane does a good job of removing dust and chips. While making your cut, it keeps the cutline reasonably clear and emits it down and out of the guard’s rear end. Attach the included dust port and connect a vacuum if you are more concerned with a clean-cutting experience. The saw does an excellent job of removing dust and chips even with a moderately powered cordless.


In terms of precision, it has a clear sightline straight to the blade, so nothing will obstruct your view. It is one of the best among the many varieties on the market, thanks to its LED if you prefer watching your blade rather than cutting notches. There is a cause of concern for individuals who are likely to rely on shoe notches. With a Spyderer 7 1⁄4-inch framing blade, the notches are always off at both 0 degrees and 45 degrees. Okay, it’s not quite much but being off by 1/8- inch matters a lot on some cuts.


Some shoe coatings add extra friction against the material as you cut, hence, slowing down your progress. However, you won’t expect that with the Rigid Apothecary circular saw. Also, the guard action enhances improvement. Lastly, you can complete any cut by moving the guard manually with your free hand. This is achievable with a larger handle on it.


When it comes to sidewinders, the ridged octane circular saw is one of the heavier models. It weighs around 9.5 pounds without a battery and 12.0 pounds with a 9.0Ah pack.

Ridgid circular saw gen 5x.

Sawing through lumber can be quite monotonous, but not while working with RIDGID. For example, the ridged R8653 Gen5x brushless 18v lithium-ion cordless circular saw is a powerful slicer of brushless lumber with plenty of essential features. The saw is delivered in a metal case to ensure a quality job-site experience. It also comes with a powerful motor so that you can harness it with a fully adjustable foot. Additionally, it allows you to select bevel angle options up to 56 degrees to help you cut as much as you want.

Moreover, you can change the depth, which reduces lumber kickbacks. On top of those plentiful adjustment options, the saw comes with a couple of items that improve your visibility. An LED light is located near the front, and it shines on your subject while casting less shadow, allowing you to work in dimmer environments than usual. It also features a blower attached to the side to drive sawdust away. With that, you can see any markings you’ve made on your wood, so you can cut them with accuracy. Again, it has a rigid micro-texture surface, giving it maximum control in slippery conditions.

Ridgid cordless circular saw 6 1⁄2

The saw comes with a powerful motor that delivers 500RPMs with maximum torque. Additionally, it features a straight line blower to drive debris away from the cut line. It also comes with a heavy-duty die-cast base which increases durability and the ability to withstand the job site environment. Moreover, it features a gripping light for illumination of the workspace. And lastly, it has a ratcheting bevel design for increased accuracy.

Ridgid octane vs gen5x.

Ridged octane tools come with a high-performance brushless motor and advanced electronics for a quality experience. While delivering increased performance with all RIDGID 18v batteries, octane tools deliver high performance in a high-demand application while working with octane batteries. With octane batteries, octane tools give you 30% more power than the previous version.


Ridged gen5 tools deliver a corded-like performance for a cordless saw. Just like electric tools, it delivers quality performance when paired with 18-volt batteries. Additionally, it features a motor that powers you throughout the cut every time.


Are ridged circular saws good?

Of course, yes. These are good circular saws with great balance. They feature effective dust chutes and raw power. They are capable of cutting through a wide range of materials, including wood and metal sheets.

Is MAKITA or RIDGID better?

Makita and Rigid are two distinct brands with long histories. Makita entered the business in 1915, while Ridged entered the business in 1923.

Quality can be defined in several ways. But no matter how you might define it, the two brands have it. For instance, if you are looking for reliable construction and resilience to wear, both Makita and Rigid offer that. The difference comes in terms of a better warranty. Because of life and policies, the ridge takes time to complete.

What is the best circular saw?

Circular saws are useful to hand tools, particularly for DIY professionals who handle basic woodworking, framing, and masonry tasks. Here is a selection:

  • DEWALT 20-volt circular saw
  • Skilsaw SPT77WML-01 15-AMP Worm-drive circular saw.
  • CRAFTSMAN 15-Amp circular saw
  • Makita SH02R1 12-volt max CXT cordless circular saw.

The bottom line

The RIDGID brand has been on the market for decades, serving you with quality hand tools. For woodworking professionals, the Ridgid brand is an alternative to watching online. 

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