Metal cutting circular saw blade reviews.

A metal cutting blade is meant to make all kinds of jobs easy, be it light-duty or heavy-duty cutting of angle iron or steel framework. There are many devices to perform these jobs, from handheld multi-tools to benchtop chop saws. And therefore, the range of metal cutting saw circular blades is quite wide.

Choosing the best metal-cutting saw blade for your construction isn’t nearly straightforward, and getting it wrong can give you a poor experience. Either way, there is a good chance that your work will be ruined.And therefore, here is the review to help you bypass such problems.

Key considerations


The diameter of metal-cutting circular saw blades varies from 2 inches to 14 inches. Jewelers and precision engineers typically use 2-inch diameter blades, whereas 14-inch diameter blades are typically used for heavy-duty work.These diameters are important, just like the size of the hole in the middle that fits into your tool’s arbor.


The type of metal you can cut in some circumstances depends on the abilities of your saw, but, more importantly it depends on how the metal-cutting saw blade is designed.

HSS: the cheapest saw blades are often made from high-speed steel, also known as tool steel. You’ll often see these kinds of saw blades being used in low-cost drill bits. HSS is ideal for wood cutting blades, but it is not ideal for metal cutting blades.And so, for those pros who would wish to save money and are only working on thin nonferrous metals, the HSS metal-cutting circular saw blade is an ideal tool for your job.

Carbide: if you are working on tougher materials, you’ll definitely need hard and sharper teeth. Although HSS is still used as the main body of the saw blade, Tungsten or Titanium carbide tips are applied and ground into shape. In terms of hardness, tungsten is harder than titanium, but there is no big difference. And so, if you want a multipurpose blade, choose one tipped between tungsten and titanium carbide.


The number of teeth makes a great difference in the effectiveness of how the blade cuts given materials. When you have too many teeth, it can be difficult to get rid of the waste.Additionally, it can result in the blade overheating. For quick cutting of nonferrous metal, you need as little as a 30- blade. However, for general-purpose, the number of teeth should range from 60- to 80.

The tooth profile can also influence the efficiency of the blade.More often, a triple chip grind is used to cut nonferrous metals. The blade features different shapes for alternate teeth, an angled tooth for the initial cut, and a flat-topped tooth for cleaning away waste and a smooth finish.

Notable features

It’s good to look at the blade surfaces. It sometimes doesn’t tell you much, but some manufacturers provide information about the blade’s material-cutting abilities and even the type of tool it’s meant to be used with.


You’ll often find that metal-cutting circular saw blades have occasional gaps between the sets of teeth. These holes and slots extend toward the middle. The gullets are designed to allow expansion when the blade gets hotter. It also prevents blasé distortion. And so they are there to maintain the width of the key and the general performance of the blade.

Diamond edge

If you’re using an angle grinder, there’s an alternative to the normal abrasive disk, which is effective but has a short lifespan. There are many alternatives to metal-cutting saw blades that resemble those for circular saws. However, they have diamond-encrusted edges instead of tungsten-tipped teeth. They are ideal for cutting through things like rebar and bolts.

1. Irwin metal cutting saw blade - best cutting circular saw blade

Irwin metal-cutting circular saw blades can be used for all metal cutting purposes. This blade features a highly durable carbide tip. Moreover, carbide trips are designed to give you a smooth and rapid cut. Additionally, these blades are designed to last longer and withstand damage. It is also designed to effectively prevent the cutting of dust and sparks.Lastly, it is among the best 7 1⁄4 circular saw blades for metal.


The blade is always under an acceptable temperature as it is designed with anti-vibration vents. Also, it has a laser-cut for a smooth and accurate cut.

It features carbide teeth that are ideal for cutting metal. Furthermore, the teeth can withstand any impact or damage.

2. Oshlun SBNF-140100 TCG saw blade


The Oshlun SBNF-140100 TCG metal cutting circular blade is a non-ferrous tool engineered with a triple chip tooth configuration. For quality results, it comes with precision ground micro grain tungsten carbide tips. This accurately and specifically formulated carbide is powerful and durable. So, if you would like to save money in the long run, the Oshlun SBNF-140100 TCG saw blade is the best alternative. Moreover, it provides smooth and efficient cuts in non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, and even plastic.

  • It has a c-1 carbide to prevent noise while cutting through hard materials.
  • It also has copper-plugged expansion slots, which help to reduce noise.
  • It features a heat vent for controlling heat operation.
  • It has a triple-chip tooth for a more efficient cut.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of metal cutting saws.
  • Cuts without any burning
  • Working with less commotion

3. Evolution power tools 14BLADEST steel cutting saw blade.

Are you looking for a circular saw blade that can cut mild steel materials? Then the Evolution power tool 14BLADEST steel cutting saw blade is the right alternative. The saw is designed to deliver maximum performance by having high-quality carbide, a powerful blade, and a high-grade grazing method. So, if you want to cut a variety of materials such as tubes, angles, iron, mild steel plates, pipes, tubes, and other metals, you must use this incredible blade.

The evolved blades are faster compared to traditional coarse blades. It can cut through 6 inches of 0.25 inch thick mild ’12h1′ steel plate.

  • It has a high-quality carbide blade and a hardened blade body, which increases its efficiency.
  • It has a higher grade brazing technique for better performance.
  • It is primarily intended for use with evolved saws or low RPM saws.
  • It has 66 carbide teeth and a kerf of 94 inches.
  • It has a 1-inch arbor size.
  • It has a 14-inch cutting diameter.           
  • Cut with a lower heat.
  • Durable

4. Evolution 230blades stainless steel cutting saw blade

Here is another circular saw blade from evolution power tools brands. The blade can cut through stainless steel precisely. It is perfect for cutting stainless steel-made square cubes, angle iron, stainless steel plate, diamond plate, pipe, and tube.

  • Made for cutting stainless steel
  • It is primarily for the advancement of metal cutting circular saws or other low RPM tools.
  • It has a rotation speed of 3000 RPM.
  • It has a 9-inch assembled diameter.
  • It has 60 teeth and a blade with a carbide tip.
  • It features a 1-inch arbor.

5.DEWALT DWA7747 heavy gauge metal cutting saw blade

The Dewalt brand is the leader in manufacturing industrial tools and accessories such as drills, saws, hammers, saw blades, abrasive screws, driving accessories, and many more. So if you are looking for a metal-cutting circular saw for cutting ferrous metals, here it is. It is a multi-cutter saw that can be used for tough metals. Lastly, it’s among the best 14 carbide metal cutting blades.

  • It has 70 teeth making it capable of cutting an average of 1200 cuts in many materials with an 1800 RPM.
  • It has a 12% titanium carbide
  • It also comes with a 1-inch arbor
  • User-friendly


What is the best circular saw blade for cutting?

DEWALT DWA7747 heavy gauge metal cutting saw blade remains to be the best metal cutting blade. It is the best ferrous metal-cutting circular saw blade that gives you a clean and smooth cut.

Can you use a metal cutting blade on a circular saw?

Of course, it’s possible though not advisable.

What saw blade makes the smoothest cut?

Evolution 230blades stainless steel cutting saw blade remains to be the best saw blade for a smoother cut. It cuts faster and smoother than most other standard blades.

Final bottom line for choosing a Metal cutting circular saw blade reviews.

Metal cutting saw blades make your work easy and sometimes are multipurpose. However, choosing the right tool will make your work even easier.    

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