Best metal cutting circular saw blade

A metal-cutting blade in a circular saw is meant to make your work easier. They deal with various jobs, including light-duty tasks like trimming, paperwork, or aluminum siding to heavy-duty.  Circular saw brands are currently advancing. They produce a wide variety of tools to handle these jobs, from handheld multi-tools to benchtop saws making the range of metal-cutting circular saw blades extensive.

Choosing the right tool for your job is far from straightforward, and getting the wrong tool can ruin your job.

Factors to consider    

There are several factors to consider before choosing a metal-cutting circular saw blade. This includes:

The size         

The size of metal cutting saw blades varies from 2-inch diameter blades mostly used by jewelers and engineers concerned with accuracy to 14-inch monsters meant for heavy-duty work.


To some extent, the capabilities of your saw determine the type of metal you can cut, but most important is how the meta-cutting saw blade is constructed.


Most of the cheapest blades are made from HSS (high-speed steel), also known as tool steel. You’ll often see them being used in low-cost drill bits and for woodcutting blades. Although it’s excellent, it is not highly recommendable. You see, metals are harder, and such flimsy blades cannot cut through. They are only good for cutting soft metals such as aluminum or copper in thin sheets. It is not hard enough to cut iron. And therefore, this is suitable for those who work with thin nonferrous metal and wishes to save money.


You need harder and sharper teeth for hard and tougher materials that will sustain the sharpness for long. HSS is still commonly used as the main body of the saw blade, but tungsten carbide or titanium carbide tips are applied and ground to shape.  Tungsten is a bit harder compared to titanium, but there is no big difference. If you are looking for a multipurpose blade, you have tungsten and titanium carbide.


Number: the number of teeth makes a significant difference in the blade’s effectiveness while cutting certain materials and the smoothness of the vanish. Good manufacturers provide extensive information to help you choose. In general, fewer teeth mean faster cutting, while more teeth mean smoother cutting.

Many DIY professionals dislike too many teeth because it makes it difficult to clear the waste. Also, it can cause blade overheating and jamming in the Jobsite.

Tooth profile

Tooth profile can also impact the performance. A triple chip grind is commonly used for nonferrous metals. The blade comes in different shapes for alternate teeth, an angled tooth for the initial cut, and a flat-topped tooth to drive away waste and provide a smooth finish.

1 GRAFF SPEED CUTTER 1 ¼ wood carving disc for angle- Best metal cutting circular saw blade.

It is a multipurpose carving tool suitable for polishing, grinding, and cutti9ng non-metal materials and all kinds of wood. Additionally, it is a tool that works without overheating. The blade creates a reasonable radial resistance value at 13200 RPM. Moreover, the blade has been made from qualitative instrumental steel and hard metal for ideal cutting. It is also safer than any chainsaw and typical saw blades.


The BLACK+DECKER 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw is now a household name to help you power your DIY errands. It is reasonably priced and comes with amazing features that include:

  • Engine capacity – the motor delivers 3500 RPM cutting power that guarantees continuous workability for various cutting projects. Besides, this power is sufficient to enable you to handle tough tasks regardless of the objects you are dealing with.
  • Laser-guided cut line – the laser cut line guide is especially useful for novices. That’s because the laser light directs the user in making quick and accurate cuts.
  • Has a spindle lock – that will enable you to change blades quickly and seamlessly.
  • Has a lightweight and compact design – that will ensure portability and fewer chances of fatigue when in use. This will help you accomplish tasks quickly and with absolute control.
  • Seamless bevel adjustment – the BLACK+DECKER 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw is fitted with bevel alteration that enhances accuracy when carrying out those zero to 45 degrees angled cuts.
  • Comes with a two-year limited warranty that gives the user peace of mind because all parts are covered.
  • It is powered with a 13 Amp motor for application in multifunctional tasks.


  • Durable
  • Easy to operate


  • Costly

2. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX- best circular metal saw blade

The tool features clamping jaws to grab and cut in one easy motion for quality and ultimate cutting. Also, it features a 20-volt MAX lithium-ion for easy swapping with other lawn and power tools. The black +decker gives you up to 150 cuts of 1-1/2-inch branches per charge. Again, it is a perfect tool for pruning tree branches per charge.

  • Batteries and charger are sold separately
  • It uses a 20-volt Max-lithium ion


  • It is perfect for pruning tree branches up to 4 inches in diameter.


  • It doesn’t include a battery and charger. That means that you’ll have to battery and charger separately.

3 Evolution power tools 14 blades steel cutting saw - 7-inch metal cutting blade

Evolution saw blades are constructed to deliver effective performance by using the high-premium carbide. The blade body is hardened, and it has been designed based on the ultra-high-grade brazing technique. Although the tool has been designed to deliver a great performance, it is only for evolution saws or any other low RPM saws.

  • It has a 1600 RPM
  • It features 66 carbide teeth and a 0.94-inch kerf
  • It has a 1-inch arbor size.


  • Durable
  • Easy to operate


  • Costly

4 Evolution power tools stainless steel cutting saw blade - 14 in metal cutting saw blades

Evolution tools are known for cutting faster than traditional abrasive blade methods. It can cut through 6 of ¼ thick mild steel plate within 12 seconds! Unlike abrasive blades, which create excessive dust, fumes, smoke, and fire and can even explode, Evolution power tools stainless steel cutting saw blades produce little or no heat, no burrs, and sparks. And so, it is a safer alternative to abrasives.

  • Stainless steel made making it ideal for cutting ferrous metal under 1/8 thickness.
  • It has been designed from various material applications, including square tube, angle iron, mild steel plate, pipe, and tube.


  • It cuts faster
  • Bigger and smoother cuts
  • Safe cuts
  • Accurate cuts


  • Not suitable for woodworking

5 Dewalt metal cutting saw - best metal cutting blade for reciprocating saw

It is a multi-cutter chop that delivers versatility by cutting various materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

It is a metal cutting saw that Cuts 4-times faster than chop saws and 8 times faster compared to portable band saws in 2-inch x 2-inch x ¼ -inch angle iron. The saw features a 14 inch, 66 teeth, and carbide-tipped blade to deliver a low cost per cut than cutting with abrasive wheels.

The carbide teeth have been well designed to offer fast, precise, and virtually burr-free cuts reducing the need for preparation grinding. Furthermore, it is the tool with the largest capacity than a deep-cut portable band saw. With that, users can cut a wide variety of size materials for more applications. And lastly, it has an ergonomically designed horizontal handle that puts the user’s wrist in a more comfortable position reducing fatigue.

  • It is the tool with the largest capacity in its class
  • It features 14 carbides tipped blade


  • It cuts a wide variety of materials
  • It has depth and clean cut
  • It is safe


  • It is expensive

6 SKILSAW SPT77W-01 - best circular saw for woodworking

It is a metal cutting tool with the power and torque of the worm drive and overall balance that professionals want for rugged applications. The aluminum body, aluminum, guard, and steel foot place contribute to 14.2 pounds. And that’s the exact weight of the saw. Additionally, it features a 15-amp motor that powers the saw during use.

  • It features a 15 amp motor
  • It has an aluminum body and guard
  • Lighter construction
  • It has a 51 degrees bevel angle which allows users to complete a wider variety of cuts.


  • Deep cut
  • Faster cut
  • Durable
  • Time-efficient


  • It cuts with sparks (though not often)

7 EnerTwist 20v max 4-1/2 cordless circular saw - circular saw blade for metal roofing

It is designed for one-handed use. Additionally, it is a 4.5 inch compact and lightweight cordless circular saw. Also, it has a 4-1/2 inch blade and a dual motor that delivers 3,500 RPM for a faster multipurpose cut. And lastly, the entire saw comes with a 4.0ah lithium battery, 3.5A fast charger, laser guide, vacuum adapter, Allen key, 24T carbide-tipped blade, 60T soft metal blade, and diamond blade.

  • It has a 9.8 arbor
  • It has a bevel tilting capacity of 0-45 degrees
  • It has a maximum cutting depth of 1-1/8 at 45 degrees and a maximum cutting depth of 1-11/16 at 90 degrees.


  • Powerful and efficient
  • Ideal for one-handed use


  • Battery replacement is costly

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best circular saw for the money?

A: The BLACK+DECKER 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Laser, 13-Amp (BDECS300C).

Q: What is the best circular saw for home use?

A: Get the best speed and power for your DIY projects in the backyard with the BLACK+DECKER 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Laser, 13-Amp (BDECS300C).

Q: What is the best cheap circular saw?

A: The best low-budget circular saw is the Corona RS 7265D Razor-TOOTH Folding Pruning Saw, 10-Inch.

Final bottom line for choosing a Best metal cutting circular saw blade

Metal cutting circular saw blades will always make your work easier, especially if you chose the right tool for your Jobsite. Today, there are many options available in the market. So you won’t miss what is right for your project.              

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