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There’s nothing more monotonous than spending a lot of time measuring the cut you want, spending more of your time clamping the piece of material to your work surface, only to end up with a snaggy and bumpy cut that leaves useless material. To that point, I understand your frustration. And so, this post will sort out your problems.

Cordless circular saws are really important tools that let you cut straight, neat lines into different materials. The battery pack powers a motor which turns the blade at high speed. Hence, you’ll push it along the material you are working with and complete your cut. You only have to release the trigger when you get to the end of the material, and the blade stops, giving you a perfectly straight cut.

Factors to consider

Before purchasing a cordless mini circular saw, there are several factors to consider.This includes:

Cutting capacity, depth of bevel cuts

The capacity and the cut capacity you’ll achieve depend on the size of the blade. Most cordless saws use smaller blades than corded models. The depth of the cut varies from one brand to another. However, the greater the depth, the more your job will rely on your tools.This information seems to be quite confusing, especially when looking at available models. That’s because they’ll often mention different angles at which the blade is at. And each depth has a different angle.  Many saws cut deeper while at 0°, while others seem to cut deeper while at a particular angle.


That lands us on the blade. Choosing the right thing is certainly good for accuracy and effectiveness. This will also determine the neatness of the cut that you can achieve, how easily the blade will enter your material, and the material you can cut through. Some blades are meant to cut through wood materials, while others are designed to cut through metal sheets. It is also important to consider the number of teeth on the blade; the more teeth on the blade, the more accurate the cut.It is important to choose the right cordless mini circular saw. It is necessary to buy a circular saw that suits your needs in terms of power and effectiveness.


usually measured in revolutions per minute – the number of rotations that the blade covers in a minute. The faster the blade, the easier the cut and the ability to control you’ll have.As a result, if you choose a less powerful model with a high revolution per minute, you’ll find that the tool struggles to cope in a variety of situations, such as working on a strong or hard material.


Weight is an important factor as it determines how long you’ll work with your tool before getting tired. A heavy circular saw will make your work tedious and waste most of your precious time. Ensure that you’ve checked each product’s details to determine whether the weight includes the battery or not. Some circular saws come with heavy battery packs. However, don’t be fooled into buying a light model.It may not include all the important batteries!

Best cordless mini circular saw

Unlike an ordinary saw, the best cordless circular saw will give you a clean cut. So if you are looking for a cordless circular saw, here are the best alternatives:  

1. SKILSAW SPT77 - best cordless mini circular saw

It is a heavy-duty saw that is often referred to as the saw that built America. This amazing saw combines the power of durability you need from SKILSAW with Jobsite’s proven and pro-focused features. Along with the legendary worm drive, you’ll get a quality dual field motor designed specifically by SKILSAW for saws. There’s no need to be concerned because by purchasing this incredible tool, you’ll be getting your hands on the next generation of cutting capability and long-lasting saws.

  • Lighter to reduce the tediousness.
  • Features 15 amp of power for a rip through more lumber within the shortest time possible.
  • It has an anti-snag lower guard for smooth operation, especially for small cuts.


  • Wider varieties of cuts
  • Quick, accurate, and deep cuts


  • Relatively heavy

2.SKILSAW Southpaw SPT67M8 - mini compact circular saw

This powerful circular saw comes with a blade on the left, making it ideal for someone who wants the visibility of a worm drive but with a lightweight sidewinder. Additionally, it has a maximum cutting capacity of 2-7/16. Moreover, it has a maximum bevel capacity of 56° with a positive stop at 0° and 45°.

It is an ideal tool for framing decking, siding, and ceilings. Also, it works with soft, hard, and engineered woods. Again, it is powered by a 15-amp motor designed for saws, keeping the motor cool while in use. And lastly, the motor delivers 5,300 RPM.

  • It has a left blade sidewinder for better line cutting, accuracy, and visibility.
  • features all-magnesium construction for less fatigue.
  • It has a strong dual-field motor for cooling.


  • Accurate cut
  • Time-efficient
  • Clean cuts
  • Less fatigue


  • There are a lot of sparks and fumes.

3. TACKLIFE Circular saw - cordless mini circular saw with battery and charger

So far, this is the best small cordless circular saw that works better than corded circular saws. As you can see, it comes with a special metal handle which reduces fatigue for a one-hand job. This offers a strong clamping force that makes the cutting more stable. Additionally, it is easy to assemble and disassemble by simply rotating the handle without any supplemental equipment. Also, it comes with a laser guide that enhances a professional and precise cutting line, perfect for cutting.

Furthermore, it features a 5.8 Amps copper motor that provides a full-size performance at 3,500 rpm, allowing you to cut wood, plastics, plasterboard, PVC pipes, and tiles with ease. Again, it comes with six blades: two 24T TCT (120) blades for woodcuts, two 60T HSS (115mm) blades for wood, softwood, and soft metal cuts, and two grit diamond blades (115mm) for tile cuts, extending the compact saw’s application.

Also, it features an easy-set depth scale gauge lever that allows a cutting depth of up to 1-11/16 inches (42.9mm) at 90° and a bevel capacity of 45°. The left-sided blade is meant for great cut-line visibility. Also, it comes with a parallel guide attachment that ensures a quick, straight cut.

Furthermore, it has double switch protection, which prevents the machine from accidentally opening, making it safe for your work.The motor has been well-positioned to separate the front and rear gravity, ensuring a stable operation.

  • It has six blades (4-3/4 & 4-1/2)
  • It comes with a laser guide.
  • It can cut to a maximum depth of 1-11/16 at 90° and 1-3/8 at 45°.


  • It is multipurpose – ideal for both wood, soft metal, and tile cutting.
  • Safe


  • Costly

4.Makita SH02R1 - makita cordless mini circular saw

Makita SH02R1 delivers a maximum cutting depth of 1 for a wide range of cuts. It has an adjustable cutting depth from 1 at 90° and 5/8 at 45°. The bevel tilting base cuts from 0°to to 45 degrees. It is an ideal cordless circular saw for cutting plywood, MDF, pegboard, particleboard, melamine, and much more.

  • It is as lightweight as 3.5 lbs. with a battery for operator less fatigue
  • Features an in-built dust blower that keeps the lines of the cut debris-free
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Has battery protection circuit


  • Clean cut
  • Durable


  • Costly

5. SKIL 20V 6-1/2 inch cordless circular saw - dewalt cordless mini circular saw

This amazing cordless circular saw allows you to cut through the wood with ease and in a fraction of time! It has the PWR core 20 lithium battery, which has innovative temperature management. This helps to cool the battery and power on through your entire project. Additionally, it has been designed to get you a clean and accurate cut. Also, the saw line visor straightens the cut. And by the way, battery-powered circular saws are good and worth it as you can work from anywhere.

  • Has a PWRCore 20 lithium battery and a CR540602 charger.
  • Comes with an adjuster so you can adjust from left or right


  • Easy cut
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Clean cuts
  • Easy bevel adjustment


  • Heavy and flimsy

6. WORX max lithium-ion plunge circular saw - ryobi cordless mini circular saw

It is as light as 4.1lbs making it easy to maneuver. Either, it is a regular saw when it comes to making cuts with one hand. Also, its size and efficiency make it perfect for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

  • Slim design
  • Has full metal guard
  • Come with an in-built dust port


  • Easy blade change
  • Quick depth changes
  • Lightweight


  • You must put the finger close to the teeth to make a cut. That’s quite risky.


Q    What is the best small cordless circular saw?

A.  The best cordless circular saw is always DEWALT DW3106P5. It features a forefront of brushless technology and durable lithium batteries. This makes it even more portable as you can work from anywhere. Lastly, it is the most valuable battery powered circular saw.   

Q  Are cordless circular saw worth it?

A   Of course yes! They are really important tools that let you cut straight, neat lines in different materials.     

Final bottom line for choosing a Cordless mini circular saw

Small cordless circular saws are worth it. They are lightweight and portable, making it easy to get an accurate cut with less fatigue. In fact, the most advanced are battery-powered, making them more portable.       

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